A new podcast from Tribune and Grace Blakeley

97. Markets Versus Democracy w/ Aeron Davis

This week, Grace speaks to Aeron Davis, professor of political communication. They discuss the power of the Treasury and how the financialisation of the UK economy has eroded democracy.

Introducing ‘The Cause’

Today we have launched ‘The Cause,’ a new weekly bulletin from Tribune covering the labour movement and socialist politics. Read the first instalment here.

Defy the Law, Defend the Right to Strike

The government’s anti-strike laws are a brazen attack on working people. Our movement has defied and defeated anti-union laws in the past – and it’s time to do it again, writes FBU general secretary Matt Wrack.


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The Trickle-Down Ruse

For decades, politicians justified funnelling money to the rich by arguing it produces more wealth for everyone else. The evidence is now overwhelming – we were scammed.

East London for the People

The divide between rich and poor in the London borough of Newham illustrates the grotesque inequalities of the city – but long-neglected residents are organising against corporate takeover.

What Happened in Finland

In Finland, the coalition led by centre-left Sanna Marin was defeated after promising utopian visions but failing to materially improve people’s lives – providing an important lesson to the global Left about delivering change and remaining relevant.