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Ian Byrne

Ian Byrne is the Labour member of parliament for Liverpool West Derby.

End Food Poverty

In one of the wealthiest countries in the world, millions of kids are going hungry. It is a national disgrace.

Victory to the RMT

This week the RMT have led the way in the struggle for the working class, and electrified the nation. This is a moment trade unionists and the left must grab hold of with both hands.

Why We Need a Right to Food

The latest research suggests 100,000 families used foodbanks for the first time during lockdown – but there is an alternative to Britain’s deepening hunger crisis: a campaign to make the ‘Right to Food’ a legal reality.

From the Terraces to Westminster

Liverpool MP Ian Byrne on how the city’s football culture taught him solidarity, why it inspired him to set up Fans Supporting Foodbanks – and how Labour can rebuild in working-class communities.