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Taj Ali

Taj Ali is an industrial correspondent at Tribune.

The Battle to Save London Underground

Today, more than 10,000 London Underground workers are on strike. They’re fighting against cuts that threaten their jobs, terms and conditions – and will decimate services for the public.

Trade Unions Can Beat the Far-Right

The failure of politicians to address the cost of living crisis has created the conditions for a resurgence of the far-right – and we need a strong trade union movement to defeat them.

Back the Nurses, Save the NHS

Years of attacks on terms and conditions have pushed nurses to the brink. Now they’re striking not only for fair pay, but to protect the NHS for future generations.

Fair Pay or Fire Strike

Firefighters in the FBU have voted overwhelmingly for strike action. In the face of a decade of falling pay and constant cuts, it’s a desperate attempt to save their service.

Inside Britain’s First Amazon Strike

Amazon is one of the world’s wealthiest companies, but its workers aren’t paid enough to live on. That’s why today, staff at its Coventry warehouse made history by staging the first-ever official UK strike.

Railway Cleaners Are Striking for Justice

Railway cleaners were hailed as heroes during the pandemic for keeping trains safe. But their bosses still refuse to pay them a living wage – so they are taking part in their first ever national strike to demand their worth.

Don’t Let Royal Mail Die

Postal workers have played a vital role in communities for centuries – but now that’s under existential threat from a corporate leadership hell-bent on turning Royal Mail into another Uber. We can’t let that happen.