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Rae Deer

Rae Deer is an economist and freelance writer.

The Trickle-Down Ruse

For decades, politicians justified funnelling money to the rich by arguing it produces more wealth for everyone else. The evidence is now overwhelming – we were scammed.

It’s Only a Crisis for Workers

By hitting workers with historic tax increases while leaving wealth untouched, Jeremy Hunt has ensured that the rich will remain insulated from the cost of living catastrophe.

One Tax Cut U-Turn Is Not Enough

Truss and Kwarteng have rowed back on the top tax rate, but they’re still lifting the bankers’ bonus cap and threatening cuts to public services and benefits. We need to push for a much bigger change in direction.

To Cut the Giant Bills, Tax the Giant Profits

Energy giants are expected to make £170 billion in excess profit in the next two years. By ruling out a higher windfall tax, Liz Truss is defining her premiership from the offset: more for the rich at the expense of everyone else.

Ofgem Is a Scam

Despite claiming to be a ‘regulator’, Ofgem’s main job is to protect the profits of private energy companies – even when their prices are driving millions of working-class people towards poverty.

The Case for Price Controls

When millions are going hungry and a few companies are raking in record profits, the ‘free market’ is obviously failing – and the case for price controls is clearer than ever.

Abolish Non-Doms

Non-dom status is a scam designed to help the elite to amass obscene wealth. By overseeing a tax system riddled with loopholes, Rishi Sunak isn’t just helping his wife – he’s helping his class.

Crypto Is Not an Alternative

Cryptocurrency promises to liberate the monetary system from the clutches of the powerful – but it mostly functions as a way to make wealthy speculators even wealthier.